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First Quarter Inaugural Team (Oct 29, Nov 26, December Hiatus, Jan 28)

Founder, Social Engineer – Zenka
Founder, Floor Leader – Kerri Price
Tech Curator – August Bradley Cenname
Technologist – Charles Babb
Networking Genius – Joanna Popper
Producer/Futurist РMaggie Lane
Futurist Mockumentary Filmmaker РBen Ross & Brittany Neff
Angel City Brewery Lead Host – Keith Ely
Wordsmith- Neil Katsuyama
Woodworking – Mike O’Connel
Chief of Experimental Manifestation – Amy Musket

Seeking Community

Fashion Czar, Social VR Porting, Tech Curator, Photography, Event Volunteers, Publicist, Social Media God, Futuristic DJ (Contact Us)

Host – Angel City Brewery
Launch Organization – Zenka
360 Camera – Live Planet
Identity – Glass House
(Contact Us)