Come one come all.

What is this?

This futurist debate club was founded to invite people to debate the future, so we can create a vision statement for what we want. The concepts are mysterious, the decisions are daunting, but together we are going to get the ideas out on the table.

How does it work?

We invite experts, non-experts and all the curious people in between to dress up in futurist outfits on the final Sunday of every month at Angel City Brewery. This witty take off on the original debate clubs from Oxford and Yale University comes complete with chalices, debate parties and “resolutions”. The 1st speaker in the affirmative will be in charge of presenting a compelling argument in favor of the resolution, and a comedian will be responsible for presenting the rebuttal. Teams and individual audience members can sign up to present a 2 minute persuasive speech. When no questions remain, the gavel is hammered and we take a vote!

Why are you doing this?

As a society we’ve never dealt with new concepts like gene editing, life extension, widespread automation, digital currency and virtual worlds. Streamed in 360 and framed content for those outside of LA who can’t attend, we hope to bring these conversations beyond our futurist debate club.

The Ye Olde Futurist Union hopes to show people how to engage in friendly debate, inspire people to research new tech paradigm shifts every month, and also help people to understand multiple views of the world.

Do you see this growing? 

We envision people wanting to add more types of debates simultaneously in other bars in LA on the final Sunday of each month. We also see the futurists debates spreading to other cities, and into social VR.

More questions? 
Hit us up at hello[at]